Happy Birthday To Me !!!

Published on 2017-02-07

Hi dear members,
My name is Pascal Mihaela from Romania and today is my 27th birthday and I am glad that working for you guys, we succeded to raise our bussines areas.

Since 2012 when we launched Clixten, we succesfully launched XtenDesign.com, XtenHost.com and now we succesfully launched XtenFaucet.com , and our expansion is not stopping here, we are planning to extend our business on different markets this year, stay tunned.

We are working on this moment to add more earning features on XtenFaucet from where members can increase theirs daily income.

For the 2017 our company will launch a new business activity domain, more informations will be released soon !!!

Thank you everyone for being part of this great community !

Pascal Mihaela (Xten Owner).


Published on 2017-02-03

My name is Pascal Mihaela from Romania, I am the owner of XtenGroup that owns Clixten.info , XtenHost.com , XtenDesign.com and others online and offline bussiness. We have started our online bussiness in 2012 and since then we have extended our business on different areas and now we have reach on Faucet, having almost 5 years our experience recommend us, our almost 500.000 members, our webdesign clients, our webhosting clients and so on.

Today we are launching our business, XtenFaucet, we worked to come with a different faucet, not just a single page website, without any member support.

We are offering an account page with detailed statistics about member, referrals, promotional tools, forum avatar, forum, live chat, 4 games, faucet offcourse and an offerwall where you can earn bitcoins directly to your account (not on XtenFaucet account).

We hope that everyone that is using faucets to increase theirs bitcoins accounts and to find everything they want on XtenFaucet. For any kind of problems dont hesitate to use the forum, if you want to report a bug report it on the forum, if you want to share a payment proof dont hesitate to post it on the forum.
If you want to add a new feature on XtenFaucet dont hesitate to request it on the forum at Feature Requests.

Pascal Mihaela (XtenGroup ~ CEO)